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Welcome to a revolution in Geneious!With Geneious, you can:Generate vectorImport and align DNA and RNA sequencesGenerate protein sequence alignmentsGenerate, edit, and align protein topology modelsGenerate, edit, and align protein structure diagramsStreamline traditional gene editingConvert, edit, and inspect multiple sequence alignmentsQuery sequence databases from within GeneiousEnhance your knowledge of Geneious:Enhanced help documentNew Tips & Tricks with Geneious videosInteractive help cards inside the editor windowWhy choose Geneious over other gene editing programs?With Geneious, you control the entire editing experience.You always work directly inside the program, and your custom changes are never lost.Convert and inspect your sequence alignments with a detailed editor view.The integrated sequence comparison feature will save you time and simplify your research.Seamlessly convert and edit DNA and RNA sequences with support for all types of nucleic acid reference and sequence datasets.Create, edit, and compare protein topology diagrams.Edit and interact with protein structure diagrams.View and edit multiple alignments in three dimensions.See how your changes look in context to the sequence, the alignment, and the structure diagram.Use the advanced merging features to quickly produce a more in-depth sequence.Geneious Cloud-BasedOnline Help for GeneiousAccess help for the latest version of Geneious from the cloudGeneious Cloud-BasedOnline Help for Geneious allows you to get help as you need it, whenever you need it.Never lose your changes.Any custom changes you make in Geneious are saved in the cloud.Never lose your changes.Data is always safe.As soon as you have saved a file to the cloud, it is instantly available to you from any of your devices.Data is always safe.Data is always safe.We promise:We value your privacy.Data is always safe.Data is always safe.We promise:We value your privacy.Never lose your changes.Data is always safe.Data is always safe.We promise:We value your privacy.We value your privacy.Sign up today!Email addressBy signing up, 08929e5ed8

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